What Qualities Do Employers Seek In Prospective Marketing New Hires?

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    It’s a simple enough question, ‘What character traits and skills do employers search for within their prospective hires, specifically within marketing?’ And whilst no two companies expect the same from their employees, there are a number of similarities that can be found within the trends of hiring.

    That being the case, how can you exhibit the traits of the ideal hire? To further that line of thinking, what are those traits? To explore the answer, it is of note to take a look at the most commonly observed trends within hiring as well what those trends denote towards companies’ expectations of their workforce.

    A Keen Analytical Mind.

    As the ability to discern information from large data sets becomes a bigger aspect of marketing within the digital era employers look towards those with an analytical mind. Thus, the ability to make sense of numbers and data sets as to create viable strategies is often cited as a desirable trait for those entering the industry.

    The Ability to Identify New Trends.

    The landscape of digital marketing is built upon a evolving set of trends that often determine a company’s success. That being the case, prospective employers will look for those that identify new trends as a means to stay ahead of the competition and not be left behind.

    Practical Knowledge and Experience Within the Digital Landscape.

    It’s imperative to your success within the interview process to have had the opportunity to build both an understanding of the industry as well as the opportunity to utilize that understanding within a project setting.  For some this can equate to projects undertaken as a freelancer, time spent as an employee of a company within the industry, or as will be more prevalent, the completion of a professional course focused upon the industry itself.

    Compatibility with Company Culture.

    Additionally, hiring managers need to ensure that prospective hires are able to become a cohesive facet of the company as to further create an environment that aligns with the company’s mission and overall values. For many companies, this aspect is critical as it is often an indicator of a longer term commitment towards employment. Those that align well with the culture will continue to work towards success within the company, reducing turnover in the eyes of hiring managers.
    As such, it is your responsibility to perform a bit of research, consider market research if you like, into the culture of the company as to see if it’s right fit for you.

    Willingness to Learn.

    The landscape of marketing is constantly shifting as new methodologies, platforms, and strategies replace the old. Therefore, a willingness to continuously build and update one’s skill set as to stay relevant as well as competitive proves a long term viability within employment given the very nature of marketing.

    Ability to Function Within A Multi-faceted Team.

    Digital marketing requires the efforts of a diverse team, each with their own discipline and unique capabilities, working seamlessly as to create campaigns that effectively leverage all aspects of the industry, often at times for just a single client.
    That being the case, hiring managers will often seek out individuals that are able to function within that team as cohesively as possible. Without the ability to contribute as an effective member of a marketing team, no amount of talent can offset that detriment so, it’s best to actively showcase the ability to work well within the confines of a team.    

    Conveying Key Traits to Prospective Employers.

    Possessing the skills necessary to leave a positive impression upon hiring managers is easier to convey as opposed to the traits they often seek. Whereas skill sets can be easily be demonstrated within a well crafted CV, the latter does not lend itself to being expressed on paper.

    So how does one convey these traits to a prospective employer?
    Well, this is the point in which the interview becomes an outlet for expressing those traits that otherwise would not easily find a place on a CV.

    Though, it is to be noted that a hiring manager, in all probability, will not ask directly as to whether a candidate possesses the above. Instead, you must project these qualities within every answer and every action as to provide a more thorough insight into your demeanour, outlook, as well as overall being as a prospective new hire.

    To that end, a bit of research into a company’s culture as well past projects, a healthy dose of confidence in one’s ability, and genuine eagerness to become a cohesive member of the company should pave the way to a new position.