How Should You Prepare Your CV to Enter the Marketing Industry

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    Often an increased amount of focus is placed upon the building of applicable skills, the nurturing of a viable network of connections, and keeping a finger to the pulse of the industry as the key aspects of building a career within any industry.

    The same is true of marketing.

    As simply learning the ins and outs of an industry do not equate to earning a position within a company, one must also learn the proper way of earning the attention of a prospective employer.

    So, before beginning to explore the details of building a CV that is designed to represent the aspects that ensure you become a valuable asset to a company, it’s of note to take a moment to explore the steps that occur before an email is even drafted.

    Cultivating a Presence Within the Industry.

    As a key factor in expressing your interest within the industry, your breadth of knowledge, and simply distinguishing yourself from other potential candidates for a position, it is essential to build a presence within the space.

    This does not mean you must maintain a forefront position as a leader in the space before beginning to seek suitable companies, it simply equates to maintaining activity within the industry. This can take on several various paths, each a bit more suited to a particular aspect of marketing as a whole.

    To provide an example, a candidate searching for a role as a digital marketer could attend meetups and industry networking opportunities as a means of both building skills as well as building presence. One can even begin a blog that could be used as a platform of both exhibiting skill while providing insight to the industry itself. The route one takes is dependant upon ultimately the chosen facet of marketing you’d prefer to enter, what is critical is simply being a part of the industry’s happenings.

    Building a Body of Work.

    In addition to learning the skills necessary to provide value to a prospective company, it is essential that those skills are able to be translated into a real world project environment. And whilst it is not necessary to build a portfolio containing numerous high profile clients, it is of note to provide a body of work that will present employers with an understanding of your abilities.

    For those that with very little real world experience within their portfolio, begin small, identify smaller companies and venture to work alongside their team. What is key in this aspect is simply being able to provide examples that can used to purvey the applicable knowledge one has attained.

    Creating a CV Tailored to Marketing Roles.

    Building your CV should begin with one step.

    Before striking a single keystroke, it is essential to fully understand your target audience, in this particular instance, that being the prospective employer. By taking the time to grasp a company’s culture, target demographic, and past body of work, you can tailor your CV as to maximize the possibility of standing out amongst the crowd.

    At that point, it is now the moment to utilize your knowledge and market yourself while displaying the very factors that a company will consider when searching to fill positions.

    Taking the time to understand a company’s culture becomes a factor at this point as some organizations will respond more positively to an eye catching CV crafted with a unique sense of personality. Others may prefer a more straightforward, traditional approach in terms of crafting your CV. Understanding which is appropriate for a particular employer will offer a greater chance of being hired.

    That said, use the content of your CV as an opportunity to display your acquired skill set, crafting SEO focused headlines, on point branding statements, and injecting a bit of creativity into your CV serves the dual purpose of not only informing an employer but also displaying your experience.

    Craft a CV with the Prospective Position in Mind.

    It is of most importance to craft a CV that was designed with specifics of a prospective position in mind. As opposed to providing multiple pages of accomplishments, previous experience, and skills, simply build your CV while addressing one key question, ‘What is necessary of this role within the company?’ With that question in mind and the utilization of the above points, your CV will stand out and offer the possibility of pursuing your chosen path within marketing.

    Additionally, a key component to building a CV for a position within marketing should be the usage of marketing skills. Things such as focused key words used throughout a CV, in-depth research into a company’s market, and displaying an understanding of their client profiles, beyond showing an understanding of the position will ensure that your CV stands out among the crowd.

    By combining all of the above into a concise, on brand, and focused CV, it becomes much easier to grab the attention of an employer, in the process, perhaps earning a spot within their team.

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