Professional Diploma in Customer Service

Turn challenges into moments of truth for your customers

Professional Diploma in Customer Service

BSMI offers this programme to students willing to maximize their academic knowledge and practical skills through the modules, which reflect, the challenges and opportunities faced by most businesses in today's customer service sector.

The course provides a professional grounding in key aspects of customer service management that can be used immediately within an operational context.

Students who are accepted onto this course will study four compulsory modules. The duration of the course is 4 weeks long and students are expected to do course work which consists of assignments and oral and video presentations to pass and obtain an accredited professional diploma in Customer Service.

Module Synopsis
  • Organise and deliver customer service
  • Understand the customer service environment
  • Resolve customers' problems
  • Principles of business

  • The course will provide students with practical workplace skills, which are relevant to businesses in the digital age.
  • The course will be delivered by experienced, qualified teachers.
  • Learn tools and techniques to evaluate customer service and plan to implement the most relevant strategy to a business.
  • Develop a real-life operational plan focused on delivering tangible business benefits. Theory and practical based training to start your career in this field.
  • Small class sizes, no more than 10 to make sure your individual and professional needs are met.
  • Handbooks will be provided as part of the course.
  • Students will gain a Professional Diploma in Customer Service to start their career within this sector.
  • Internship opportunities can be presented to students that successfully complete this program
Who should attend? 

This course is designed for students looking to gain further knowledge and skills needed to deliver excellent customer service in a variety of industries and contexts (services, tourism and hospitality, sales and marketing). This Diploma is considered suitable for students who have relevant experience in customer service and willing to improve their position within their workplace.

This course will provide students practical tools combined with theory to help graduates, employees and managers develop a team culture of high performance, and implement effective customer service strategies and improvement plans. The global focus is for successful candidates to have the knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding service in a range of customer-focused contexts in a global business era.

Entry Requirements

This program is open to graduates willing to pursue a career in a Customer Service role. The minimum age for this program is 18 years old. Students are expected to have a minimum of B1. Any experience or academic degree in Customer Service is desirable but not required for this vocational training.

Course Details
Start Date

4 weeks
Online - £1495
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Class Weeks Hours Cost
Professional Diploma in Customer Service 4 weeks 25 per week

On Campus : £1895

Online : £1495

What is included? 
  • 4 weeks of the intensive diploma course.
  • This course is based on course work, which will include writing assignments and delivering oral and video presentations.
  • Students will study 25 hours per week
  • On a daily basis, students will receive 3 hours of Customer Service English and 2 hours of academic studies.
  • Students will obtain a certificate in industry-specific English (customer service) certificate and a Diploma in Customer Service
  • The module handbooks will be provided to students complimentary throughout this course.
  • The internship opportunity will be presented to students who have completed the course successfully.

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Programme Objectives

Understand your customer needs and industry challenges to deliver customer service above expected standards

Create customer focused value propositions to be implemented through real life operations

Learn to resolve problems and turn challenges into opportunities for your organization

Measure your success through standardising your services at the operational level