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Our Story

British School of Marketing International is a higher education college providing students with the foundation and university pathway programs in the UK and overseas, English Language Courses and Professional courses enabling students to enhance their professional and academic profiles for further career opportunities.

Students choosing to study our university pathway programs will benefit from direct guaranteed entry to one of our progression universities in the UK and overseas. The university pathway programs progressing students to higher education includes Foundation Course in Business, International Year 1 in Business Administration and International Year 2 in Leadership and Management. Our aim is to increase the number of students who progress to one of our progression universities with a strong foundation in their academic English language and professional knowledge suitable for the ever changing business environment.

BSMI provides international students with a variety of English Language Courses ranging from General English, IELTS, Business and Marketing English and the Pre-Sessional course preparing students for  direct entry into progression universities without any IELTS requirement.

Professional courses offer students a great opportunity to enhance their industry knowledge and skills in Business and Marketing related sectors as well as providing them with professional certificates helping them to enhance their CV’S and career opportunities.

Our College has 5 classrooms. We have a maximum of 16 students per class meaning that  every student has the opportunity to receive individual feedback on their progression and further support with their chosen studies. We also have a computer room for students to study quietly and interact with their tutors and peers to support their learning.  At BSMI we encourage students to become active independent learners through setting learners’ objectives during their studies.

British School of Marketing International is in Bournemouth town centre. It is within walking distance to the sandy beaches of Bournemouth and the famous gardens. The shops are also 5 minutes’ walk from the school. There are many things to do both in the day and in the evening for all ages. Students can also participate in the college’s social programs enabling them to meet and make friends with overseas students from all around the world.

Bournemouth is a very popular town among international students due to it being a popular university town with many attractions for students from the UK and overseas. We are confident that students will improve their academic and professional knowledge through their studies at British School of Marketing International, as well as making meaningful friendships for life.  We look forward to welcoming you and becoming a part of  your success story.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in every student through courses with a real-world focus on business built upon practical knowledge.”

We aim to become a leading international business college to help all our students discover their true potential, develop their entrepreneurial spirit and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become future leaders of industry and commerce.

We are achieving this by working with the learning style of each student and complementing this with the latest teaching practices on our professional and university pathways courses that will assist them in their personal, academic and professional lives. We believe that the student is at the centre of everything we do, assisting them to reach their full potential in a safe and friendly environment while keeping it professional. We use the latest digital technology so that every student reaches their goal when given the opportunity.

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Our Mission

British School of Marketing International is a further education college specialising in Business studies and aims to provide students with a strong foundation for their future progression to University or as professionals, ensuring they have the knowledge and professional skills for their chosen career path.

Our mission includes:

  • To discover the professional and academic goals of our students
  • To help all students find their learning style
  • To match the learning needs of our students to the programme of studies that best suits their needs
  • To offer professional and University pathways programmes in UK and overseas
  • To help students progress to UK Universities and senior management positions in business.
  • To give every student the knowledge they need to find success, be it starting a career or continuing their education at university.
  • To recruit enthusiastic and inspirational teachers with the relevant experience and personal skills helping our company vision, mission and ethos and who have the ability to make our students successful in their personal, academic and professional lives.
  • We have a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme for all teachers and staff to improve the teaching of courses and support students with their learning experience.
  • To blend teaching practices with the learning styles, needs and goals of the students.
  • To make sure that all staff work with the College’s strict safeguarding rules and regulations.
  • To make sure our University pathway programmes match the personal, academic and professional needs and goals of our international students.
  • To expand our network of high-ranking progression universities.
  • To enable students to progress to our progression universities successfully.
  • To exceed the academic standards set by our accreditation and awarding bodies.
  • To help students reach their best in a safe learning environment by closely following our safeguarding rules and regulations.
  • To be professional at all times and support our students by keeping up to date with the latest methods of teaching and for teachers to keep improving their knowledge and apply best teaching practices.
  • To ensure that there are clear and open ways of giving information to students, partners, agents, homestays, progression universities and awarding bodies and informed advice is given to internal and external stakeholders.

Safeguarding Mission Statement

BSMI is committed to keeping children and under 18s safe in all areas of college life, both in the college, at their homestay or at one of the college’s outside activities.

The college has a clear and strict safeguarding policy which ensures that all students, especially under 18s, are looked after at all levels, physically, sexually, mentally, socially, and emotionally while they are studying at British School of Marketing International.

All management, staff and homestay families know about safeguarding to make sure that no under 18s or any student, suffer any physical, sexual, mental, social, emotional abuse or neglect while studying at British School of Marketing International.

We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead  (DSL) – who checks all safeguarding in the college including staff and homestay training, DBS checks, safeguarding induction sessions, regular meetings with under 18s as well as meeting with local safeguarding agencies as and when necessary.
All staff and teachers must provide an updated DBS Certificate every year and homestays provide a DBS certificate every year before being allowed to work with or have our students.

British School of Marketing International always check the welfare and safety of its students and deals with any problems as soon as possible sending students to the correct department, if necessary.
Once a week, the safeguarding leader will meet with under 18s as a group to check that everything is OK and to discuss any problems they may have. If needed, students may also have extra 1:1 meetings with the safeguarding leader.

Any problems about the safety of students are immediately dealt with, and if needed, safety specialists (for example Dorset NEXUS and/or MASH) are contacted.

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