How to counsel overseas students who have previously failed.

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    For those that have found themselves tasked with counselling students that have previously failed their studies, whether it be within a foundational or university level setting, there are a number of factors to consider as to ensure that the student will find success in the future.

    As such, it becomes necessary to break down some the aspects that may have contributed to previous failures and what can be done to minimize the possibility of such falterings occuring in the future.

    The Inherent Difficulties Faced When Studying Abroad.

    Often students that have come from overseas to study within the UK, or any foreign country, are faced with much more challenges than those of their peers that are studying within their country of origin. First and foremost is the tendency to feel as if one is an outsider within a new setting. As students from abroad enter an institution there is the high probability that the shift can leave them feeling unable to readily feel at home.

    This, while manageable with the right support, can spell disaster from the start for students as it has the potential to affect the emotional well being and mental health of the student as a whole. In turn, those side effects can push their way into the student’s study making it more difficult for them to fully focus upon their goals and the work at hand. In addition to this, students may very well face the inherent difficulty of studying within a country that does not speak their native language. This language barrier, itself, can contribute to a slew of problems that ultimately will affect a student’s potential to succeed.

    These factors, when combined with the absence of a strong support group, need to be considered when counselling a student from overseas as they are very likely to have been the cause behind previous failures in their path to higher education. So how can you as a counsellor or agent take into account these factors and mitigate the potential for future failures

    Understanding the Inherent Difficulties and Offering a Better Path Forward.

    Knowing that the students under your care will face numerous difficulties not faced by those studying within their country of origin, there are a few things you can do to help your students succeed. To begin with, as a counsellor or agent you can seek out institutions that understand that fostering success within oversea students requires a different approach.

    As these students are often without a support system locally and may struggle with the language itself, it becomes imperative to find an institution that can offer both a healthy means of support and courses that will bridge the language gap.

    To that end, BSMI prides itself on being able to address the difficulties faced by students from overseas in a way that nurtures their well being and promotes future success within higher education. By building a local support system in which the students can find the very support they have left behind, our students are able to find direction and the tools needed to continue their path towards high ranking institutions.

    So, if finding the proper institution is key, what other things can you, as a counsellor or agent, do to ensure the success of student’s success?

    Well, for one, you can give your students a realistic view of what to expect from their entire experience while studying abroad as to minimize any culture shock or hard landing on their part. In building an accurate image of the expectations they’ll face, the difficulties they may encounter, and how they will be able to address the two will create an environment that is more conducive to success, right from the start.

    So, as an agent or counsellor, you can work alongside an institute with a proven record of addressing the difficulties faced by oversea students to create an orientation that would serve to prepare them for their journey into higher education. While simple and straightforward, preparing your students for the challenges they may face will ensure that they are ready to meet those challenges. And in helping them choose an institution that understands those challenges, you’ll provide them with the environment, skills, and support they will need to overcome them.

    In considering the above and making steps to address them, you can ensure your student’s success within their path to higher education.

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