English language courses in the UK for international students

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    English language courses in the UK for international students

    You can enter a foundation program, undergraduate degree, or vocational course by enroling in an English language course in the UK. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four main skills that are taught in courses that might run from one week to a whole year. It is crucial to select an English language school that has been completely


    Since the United Kingdom is the homeland of the English language, there is no better place for you to improve your skills. 95% of the UK population speaks English, so you will be surrounded by it here, learning faster and applying your language skills in real-life situations. 

    Furthermore, by immersing yourself in the English language class you will find that studying your chosen course will be easier and more helpful. There are various universities and colleges that offer language courses in the UK for international students.

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    Why study English at British School of Marketing International, UK?

    British School of Marketing International (BSMI) is a business-focused educational college. But it offers numerous choices for international students, assisting them in pursuing higher education through university partnerships in the United Kingdom. 

    Students who choose to Learn English in the UK from British School of Marketing International get to learn high quality skills, pronunciation, grammar and functional language. 

    BSMI has direct collaboration opportunities with UK and international universities, as well as its most affordable higher education options for post-graduate, undergraduate and MBA studies. Moreover, BSMI is expanding its network of partner universities in the UK and abroad in order to offer students more options for progress both in the UK and abroad.

    Visa requirements for English language courses

    To study English in the UK, you can apply for a short-term study visa. This visa is only valid for courses lasting between six and eleven months. The requirements are:

    • Have received an offer to enroll in a course from an authorised student sponsor.
    • Can communicate in English orally, in writing, or both.
    • At the time of application you must have your parental’ permission documentation if you are 16 or 17.

    Whereas, if you’re under 18 you must also:

    • Make arrangements for your travel and stay in the UK.
    • Have the consent of your parents or guardian to study in the UK.

    English language Courses at BSMI

    Here is the list of English language training/ courses offered by BSMI

    • Pre-Masters Diploma
    • Pre-sessional Course
    • IELTS Preparation 
    • Cambridge Preparation
    • Oil and Gas English 
    • Aviation English 
    • Business and Marketing English 
    • General English

    What makes learning English with BSMI UK so different?

    British School of Marketing International is affiliated with The British Council to deliver English Language Courses. English courses for international students in the UK guarantee that students establish the skills and knowledge required for advanced education or professional careers in an expanding digital economy, such as writing, listening, reading, and speaking. BSMI has highly qualified teachers for English proficiency courses.

    BSMI offers English language courses in London for international students. Moreover, it is focused on keeping children and under 18 safe in all aspects of college life, whether on campus, at their homestay, or at one of the college’s extracurricular activities. All management, staff, and homestay families are aware of the importance of safeguarding to ensure that no under 18 or any other student face physical, mental, sexual, social, or emotional abuse or even get neglected while attending British School of Marketing International.

    Advantages of learning the English language at BSMI 

    Short term English courses in the UK for international students and Professional Courses that are offered at BSMI allow students to improve their academic and professional profiles in preparation for future career opportunities. One of the best advantages is BSMI has a maximum of 16 students per class, every student has the opportunity to receive individual feedback on their progress and additional assistance with their chosen studies.

    Also they have a computer room where students can study quietly while interacting with their tutors and peers to help them learn. At BSMI, we motivate students to become active participants in learning by setting goals for them throughout their studies. The English course for international students offered at British School of Marketing International starts every Monday.

    What English Language Exams are required to study an academic course in the UK? 

    The Academic IELTS test is required for admission to university program. You must take your IELTS test at an approved UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) test center if you want to take a pre-sessional English learning classes or a Foundation course. Click here for more information.

    How to enroll on the BSMI language course 

    To enroll for a BSMI language course, you need to fill the online form here.


    Question 1. How much does it cost to study English in the UK?

    Answer: Study costs in Britain start from £440 to per week, including the course and accommodation cost.

    Question 2. Which course is best for international students in the UK?

    Answer: UK is counted among the best destinations for students interested in Business studies, English language, Engineering and Humanities.

    Question 3. Which courses are in demand in the UK for international students?

    Answer: Here are top courses that are in demand:

    • Business Studies
    • Management Studies
    • English language 
    • Finance and Law
    • General Business and Management
    • Marketing 
    • Computer Science
    • Economics

    Question 4. How long is the English course in the UK?

    Answer: Courses can last from one week or up to a year. At BSMI they start every Monday, and the minimum duration is 2 weeks.

    Question 5. What is the fee for an English course in the UK for international students?

    Answer: Fees for English language course starts from £180.

    Question 6. What visa do I need to study English in the UK?

    Answer: It is usually a short-term study visa, please check the government’s website for more information.

    Question 7. Which BSMI English language course should I choose?

    Answer: It depends on your chosen educational and career objectives.

    Question 8. Which English Test Should I Prepare for to Get Admitted to a UK University?

    Ans: IELTS Academic test, it is generally the most recommended if you want to study an undergraduate or postgraduate course at a UK university.

    Question 9. Which English course is best for beginners?

    Answer: General English course is best for the beginners.

    Question 10. How can I learn to speak English in the UK?

    Answer: English language course will help you develop your speaking skills with confidence.