Equality policy for Students

October 2018  Review date: October 2019


British School of Marketing International is committed to equality and fair treatment for all its staff, employers and for all the other members that BSMI works in collaboration with. BSMI aspires to create a safe environment where all students are treated equally with utmost respect where they thrive academically and reach their full potentials as individuals.


Therefore BSMI is fully responsible for eliminating the unlawful discrimination and promoting equal opportunities for all irrespective of age, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, religious belief, sexual orientation, political opinion or whether you have a disability or dependants.

At BSMI, we seek to promote equality in all the following areas:

  • Student recruitment and selection
  • Student admission and retention
  • Students assessment and progression
  • Provision of student services and related facilities
  • Teaching, learning, curriculum development and quality assurance

Student recruitment and progression will be on the basis of ability, qualifications and commitment to the selected major of studies. In the selection process, there will be no direct or indirect discrimination, victimisation or harassment on any grounds other than the students’ academic suitability for the selected course. Applicants for admissions to BSMI who have been unsuccessful in their application have a right to complain referring to BSMI’s complaint procedure on the grounds procedural irregularity, prejudice or bias or extenuating circumstances. The complaint form is available on the BSMI’s website.

BSMI is fully responsible for the training of all staff to ensure all the candidates will be subject equal and fair procedures in the areas of their admission, progression and welfare services available to all students.

 Dealing with Discrimination:

At BSMI, we do not tolerate any bullying, harassment and victimization of any individual due to their differences. Any allegations of such behaviour will be thoroughly investigated and individuals may be subject to disciplinary procedures accordingly. However, if it has been found that a complaint has been done deliberately with malicious intent, this may result in disciplinary action against the complainant.


BSMI is responsible to make all the staff members aware of the equality policy to ensure that it will be implemented throughout the school. This policy will be communicated to all the students on the induction day and staff have the full responsibility to make students aware of their responsibilities related to this policy. Since all the staff members have a responsibility to accept personal involvement in the protection of this policy, any behaviour or language against this policy will not be tolerated.