Terms and Conditions

September 2018


How to Enrol

Please note: Students under 18 will only be accepted to BSMI if the agent, students’ parents or sponsor meets all the enrolment conditions.

  1. BSMI has different enrolment/application forms; “University Pathway Enrolment Form” and a “General Enrolment Form” and “ Group Enrolment Form” for all other courses delivered at British School of Marketing International. Please choose the right enrolment form for your chosen studies.
  2. All students should include a copy of their passport, their previous qualifications, a copy of CAS letters from previous educational establishments. Depending on the course applied for, BSMI may ask for further documents.
  3. Student booking through one of our representatives/agents should declare this on the enrolment form.
  4. Students must bring a copy of their passport on their first day.

When a Student Enrols

When a student’s enrolment/application is accepted, British School of Marketing International will send the following items:

  • Offer Letter
  • An Invoice / Receipt showing the amount paid.
  • A Letter of Acceptance.
  • Accommodation confirmation (if requested).

Please note that we can only provide a Letter of Acceptance once we have received full fees or a deposit towards the full tuition fees or an indication from the agent that they have received full fees.

Entry to the UK

When a student arrives in the UK, he or she will be asked to show:

  • A valid passport.
  • A visa (if required).
  • A Letter of Acceptance issued by British School of Marketing International.
  • Confirmation of payment of course and accommodation fees.


It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the information you provide to British School of Marketing International is true and accurate.

If it is discovered that your application contains incorrect or fraudulent information, the college may withdraw or terminate your registration. If you wish to challenge this decision, you should follow the BSMI’s Complaints Procedure on the website at the following link:

The Offer BSMI makes for you will be conditional or unconditional. If your Offer is conditional, BSMI will set out the conditions, which you will need to fulfil in order to be admitted onto your chosen programme. If you have chosen a particular partner university to progress to, BSMI will include the name of the partner university within the offer letter with the entry criteria’s’ that must satisfy that university prior to enrolment.

If you do not meet the partner university entry conditions before the given date, your progression to the chosen university may be terminated or deferred to the following year. BSMI will inform you about the entry criteria’s prior to processing your application for your chosen course at BSMI.

In order to comply with the immigration law, BSMI may need to process information about you. In such an event, BSMI may contact the Home Office to clarify details on outstanding visa applications and previous immigration history and the Home Office may release such information to the college. We would normally seek your written permission before doing so.

Deposits and Fees

Full fees must be received by BSMI at least 4 weeks before the course commences and all bank charges must be met by the student. If registration is accepted fewer than four weeks before the start of the course, full payment should be made immediately. If booking via an agent, students can make payments direct to their agents providing the agent agrees to share a receipt showing proof of payment to BSMI.

If you are applying for a higher education programme, you will be required to pay a deposit in order to save your place on the course. You will be advised of this in your Offer letter. If you do not pay the deposit accordance with the payment terms advised in your Offer, your application may be withdrawn without further notice.

No compensation, fee reductions, refunds, credit, additional lessons or extension of the course can be given:

  • For lessons replaced by testing and class allocation procedures on course entry dates or when tests form part of the course progress monitoring procedures.
  • For days when BSMI is closed because of official public (bank) holidays.
  • For services or facilities included in the fees and not used.
  • When students reduce the number of lessons studied, take an unplanned vacation, enter the course late or leave earlier than planned.

Students may be refused entry to classes if full payment has not been made. Deposits and fees are not transferable from person to person. BSMI reserves the right to change fees without any notice period.

Cancellation / Refunds

British School of Marketing International reserves the right to cancel any course or make changes to schedules for any course prior to commencement. In such cases, all students will be given due notice and the option to change or cancel their courses. In the event of a course being cancelled by British School of Marketing International prior to commencement, a full refund will be made upon request. A minimum of 6 weeks should be allowed for refund application to be considered. Please see the student protection plan for further information.

  • All fees must be paid 4 weeks before the course starts. In exceptional circumstances, the school may agree an alternative mode of payment. A refund is offered for courses cancelled 14 days before the start of the course; within 14 days and the start of the course after this no refunds are offered.
  • No refund is payable if a student withdraws or cancels their enrolment any time after the course commencement date (other than for reasons for visa refusal which are refunded as set above). In this case the student is liable to pay the full tuition fee for the course, and any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred in recovering the tuition fee.
  • No refund is payable for national holidays during the course.
  • No refund is payable if a student is expelled.
  • If a student does not arrive to start their course on the arranged date, no refunds are payable and acceptance of the student onto the remainder of the course is at the discretion of the Managing Director.
  • If you are unable to complete the course because of serious illness or family bereavement, documentary evidence may be requested. Such refunds will be at the discretion of the Managing Director.
  • No refund is payable if the student’s enrolment is cancelled by the school, including cancellation caused by a breach of the student visa conditions, visa refusals due to fraudulent claims, students misconduct or if the student is expelled for unsatisfactory academic progress.
  • No refund is payable if the terms and conditions of the enrolment agreement entered into by the student and the school are breached, including any breach of the school policy.

Tier 4 visa refund policy

If a student’s Tier 4 visa has been refused through no fault of their own, the student will need to provide BSMI with a copy of the refusal notice received from the Home Office. We will use this information to establish the reason for the visa refusal and whether they are eligible for a tuition deposit refund or not.

  • Visa refusal letter
  • Each student refusal will be treated on case by case basis and each request for a refund is reviewed by our Managing Director and Director of Studies.

The above documents must be sent by the student or their agent and received by BSMI within six months of the refusal date.

No refund will be made;

  • If a student is refused a visa for having presented forged or falsified documents as part of his or her application.

No deposit refund will be made;

  • If the Tier 4 visa is refused after failing to provide the correct bank statements we had approved and advised the student to use (which may happen), we would not refund the deposit.
  • if the student forgets to submit any other document we advised or approved for them to submit with their visa application.
  • if a student fails a credibility interview and failed to provide adequate or suitable answers, BSMI would not refund the deposit. In the case of a student paying additional tuition fees on top of the 25% deposit, we would refund the remaining, but not the deposit.

If the student is unfairly refused, for example we can see from the refusal notice they were refused under credibility, but the students answers were fair and the Home Office have made an unfair decision in our opinion, we would consider refunding them the deposit or we would appeal against the decision made by the Home Office.

Minimum Number of Participants

We require there to be at least six students enrolled on specialist courses in order to be able to run that particular course. If there are fewer than six students enrolled for a course, BSMI will inform the contracting party in good time. If BSMI is unable to offer another suitable language course, fees already paid will be refunded in full, thereby excluding any further liability on the part of BSMI.

Class Composition

BSMI aims to maintain a balanced mix of student nationalities per class, however, we cannot always guarantee this at all times of year.

Special Needs / Disabilities

Any disabilities or learning difficulties must be communicated to BSMI at the enrolment stage. This is a mandatory requirement as it can affect the student’s learning process during the course of his/her studies. If any of the difficulties related to medical, psychological or educational learning difficulties is not mentioned, BSMI may send the student home with no refund of the fees.

Age Regulations

  • The minimum age for students is 16.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 may study in an adult General English class at any time of the year with permission from their parents.
  • Next of kin details must be received for all students aged 16 and above.
  • Signed parental consent forms (signed by the parent) must be received for all students aged 16 and 17.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 who are booked onto an adult course programme mustfollow junior policies and procedures, including curfew times.
  • The minimum age for students at BSMI as part of a group is 16 years old.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 are not allowed to stay overnight away from the host family unless the Welfare Officer has been informed and the parents are aware of this situation. This must be confirmed by email from the parents with full postal address, telephone, names of person(s) staying with and duration of stay.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 will be unsupervised during break times, after and before school, including travel to and from school.
  • 16 and 17-year-old students must return to their homestay no later than 10.00pm and they should take a taxi if travelling later in the evening. Public transport is acceptable at this time if they are travelling in a group.
  • The school does not provide 24-hour supervision.


BSMI can arrange accommodation on behalf of the student. We can only secure accommodation once we have received full payment and the student has obtained their visa. Students may lose their room or may have to change accommodation if payment has not been received for their booking(s). The accommodation fee is valid only for the person and dates specified. Any change of dates must be notified to us in writing or by email at least 2 weeks prior to the arrival date. Students and agents will be provided with details of accommodation one week before travelling to the UK.

Students extending their accommodation may be required to change room or their home stay if their room is no longer available. If the students in Homestays wish to leave earlier than the dates they have booked, they must give seven days notice to the host family and the school. Students are personally responsible for any damage in the homestay or residence and will have to pay any charges that may occur. Students must pay all the accommodation fees in advance along with their tuition fees before their arrival.


Homestay accommodation is normally arranged from midday on Sunday until midday on the following Sunday each week.

Homestays normally include bed, breakfast and an evening meal from Monday to Friday. Additionally, it includes lunches or packed lunches on Saturdays and Sundays. Students are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy and making their own beds.

Allocation of students to homestays: BSMI will aim to find a family that the student has asked for on the Enrolment Form. We will do our best to meet all of the student’s preferences (subject to availability).

Arrival time: Students need to inform their homestay of their expected arrival time at least 5 days before the arrival date. Please note that homestays may not accept students arriving after 12.00pm midnight.

Problems: If students have a problem with their accommodation, they should tell the Accommodation Officer.

Changing accommodation: If students want to change their accommodation for their own reasons, a week’s notice needs to be given to the host family. If students want to shorten their course at BSMI, they must leave their homestay accommodation. Students must not make a private arrangement with the Homestay provider given by BSMI. If students arrange their own accommodation they need to provide BSMI with their new address as the school is obliged by law to keep students’ accommodation details so that they can inform the authorities including the Home Office.

Where possible, extra nights’ accommodation at the start and finish of the course may be arranged with fees calculated on a pro rata basis.

BSMI Residence

A credit card authorisation of £200 is required on arrival to act as a deposit. If no credit card is available, an alternative will be requested. For long-term students, we require a minimum payment of six months up-front. Students may lose their accommodation if payment has not been received for their booking(s).

The minimum age for the BSMI residence is 18.

No refunds are given after the student’s date of arrival. BSMI reserves the right to request that a student leaves the residence, with no refund payable, if he or she fails to respect the residence rules.

Late Arrivals, Unauthorised Absences, Withdrawals and Expulsions

All students are expected to complete the course of study that he or she has booked. Visa nationals must leave the United Kingdom at the end of their studies. Students must notify BSMI if they will be unable to start their course on the date stated in their confirmation letter. They should give a valid reason for the delay, as BSMI is obliged to report this information to the Home Office. Any unauthorised absences could result in expulsion from BSMI. Students must notify BSMI of any changes to their plans. These reporting rules only apply to students from outside the EU.

Students are advised to take out personal insurance against the inability to attend or continue a course for medical or compassionate reasons, as no refunds can be given in such circumstances. Students are accepted on the understanding that he or she will stay for the duration of the course. BSMI has the right to expel a student for misconduct or unsatisfactory work or attendance.


Students are only allowed to take holidays (apart from official public holidays) if:

  • Their course is of more than 18 weeks’ duration.
  • They have already completed a minimum of 12 weeks’ study.
  • They booked their holidays prior to enrolment.
  • Their holidays are taken in accordance with the dates specified in their Letter of Acceptance.

Students who are sponsored under the Tier 4 visa system cannot take holidays unless they were requested at the time of their booking (and are accepted by the Home Office). Students who take unarranged holidays will be marked absent on the class register.

Course Rules

Students are subject to the course rules. Any damages to property, equipment and rooms will be charged to the student. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted on-site by students of any age. Drug taking or possession of drugs will result in dismissal, with no refund of fees. Bullying will not be tolerated. Fire escapes are for emergency use only. Students who disrupt the smooth running of the course may be asked to leave.

Student Attendance

Students should aim to attend at least 80% of classes. In persistent cases of low attendance, students may be asked to leave BSMI. The following procedure will be followed:

  • Verbal warning
  • First attendance warning letter
  • Second attendance warning letter
  • Final attendance warning letter
  • Expulsion

Liability / Force Majeure

In the event of the student’s death or illness, BSMI accepts no liability unless the cause is shown to be negligence by its staff. The school is fully insured with Public Liability Insurance.

Students are advised that the School, its employees and its representatives accept no responsibility for personal injury a/or loss of/damage to personal property on the school premises whether by fire, burglary, theft or otherwise. This condition also applies to public and private places when students are on school trips or excursions.

BSMI does not hold insurance to cover students against doctors’ fees, hospital or drug expenses, loss of baggage, loss of money or damage to property (including the property of a host family) by students. It is advisable for all students to have valid insurance cover for the duration of their course, from arrival until departure. 16 and 17-year-old students must have valid travel/study insurance. All insurance policies must be purchased in students’ home country.

All applicants must sign the Enrolment Form through which you agree to be bound by the BSMI ‘s terms and conditions. This binding code of conduct details the responsibilities and duties due between the student and British School of Marketing International. Agents must ensure that students fully understand the rules and regulations stated in the enrolment form.


British School of Marketing International can receive complaints via the complaint form (available on the website: email, telephone or students can share their complaint with the Welfare Officer (Duygu Cevik) or their teacher confidentially. Any complaint will be dealt with objectively. All parties who are also involved in the situation will be listened to objectively prior to taking any action. The complaint will be recorded and an action plan will be shared with the concerned individual(s). All parties that are involved will be also made aware of the action plan and the potential outcome. If the concerned individual is not happy with the outcome and requires further action, they can refer to the appeals form available on the website.