Policy Statement on Disclosures

October 2018 Review date: October 2019

BSMI Policy Statement on the Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure Information

Data Protection

Data protection is about processing personal information fairly and lawfully and ensuring that information is kept safe and secure. This includes data that is collected automatically online or electronically on a computer system or kept as paper copies in a filing cabinet. Data collection methods also include feedback forms, digital photos or handwritten registration that are all used to identify that someone is kept secure either in the filing cabinet or electronically on the BSMI system. Sensitive information such as the racial or ethnic origin of a student as well as medical and allergy information is also kept securely and only used for specific purposes to which the applicant’s full consent has been given.

British School of Marketing International processes students’ data in order to carry out its educational responsibilities such as;

  • Monitoring and reporting on students’ progress
  • Protect students’ welfare and provide appropriate care
  • Support students’ learning process
  • Assess the quality of school services
  • Comply with the law in regards to sharing data
  • Develop safer recruitment practices
  • Support and manage staff performance
  • Monitor and provide equal opportunities

Storage and Access

British School of Marketing International keeps all applicants’ personal information in lockable, non-portable filing cabinets. Disclosure information is never kept in the applicant’s file and the information is only limited to those who have a duty to process that information.

Data security is also protected through the following practices;

  • Ensure computers are up-to-date with security software installed
  • Using strong computer and access passwords on all systems
  • Keeping manual paper records in locked cabinets
  • Ensuring that personnel and student files are only seen by those who need to process information relating to this


BSMI may need to share personal information under the circumstances below;

  • If there is an emergency situation where information needs to be shared with the emergency services or the local authority
  • BSMI may need to liaise with other agencies such as suppliers or contractors that need the personal data to provide a service
  • Sharing the information may assist in preventing or detecting crime
  • A disclosure is required to satisfy safeguarding requirements
  • The information needs to be shared in connection with legal proceedings.

BSMI may also share information with the following:

  • The Local Authority
  • The Department of Education
  • Awarding Bodies
  • Future schools, colleges or universities that students may attend.


BSMI only uses someone’s personal information for the legal basis and the specific reasons that it is collected for. This means BSMI will only collect data and personal information that is required to carry out our educational and welfare services with the applicants full given consent.


It is essential that personal information is not retained for longer than required for its original purpose and securely stored. The information is usually kept for up to six months allowing any disputes or complaints to be settled during this time. In very exceptional circumstances, we may need to keep the information for longer than six months in which case CRB will be consulted and we will give full consideration to the Data Protection and Human Rights of the individual before doing so.


Under the requirements of GDPR, it is crucial that personal information is retained for no longer than necessary, and following this, the information is securely deleted and/or destroyed. The information can be shredded, incinerated, overwritten or deleted in any manner that ensures security. BSMI will not keep any copies of Disclosures, however, we may keep a record of the date of issue of a Disclosure, the name of the subject and the type of the Disclosure requested with the unique reference number.