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Our Mission

As a business and marketing specialist school, we are committed to providing our students with access to tailored, pathway programmes that create a strong foundation, built upon practical knowledge within an evolving marketing landscape, as they prepare to continue their path towards future success within prestigious universities as well as within the industry itself.

Additionally, we strive to provide working professionals with opportunities to undertake a wide spectrum of industry specific courses designed to prepare them for professional qualifications within a growing digital marketplace. It is our stated goal to provide every student with the hands on knowledge they will need to find success within their lives whether that entail beginning a career within the industry or continuing their education within the university setting.

Our Vision

It is our aspiration to become a guiding force that paves the way for students to achieve success within their academic and professional lives with tailored programmes that focus on nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. We aim to provide the support, resources, and knowledge necessary to pursue careers within the growing digital marketplace. Our core belief is that every student is capable of achieving their life’s purpose when presented with the opportunity.

To further our ability to provide for our students, we actively seek to expand our network of high ranking partnered universities, so to become a stepping stone towards success for students

Our Story

BSMI is a business and marketing specialist college that was founded to help students turn their challenges into opportunities, allowing them to attain their dreams of higher education as well as success within their professional lives.

By building tailored pathway courses, language studies, and professional programmes, designed to address the individuality of the student’s experience, we have sought to increase the amount of students entering their final year of university by providing a solid foundation on which to build future successes upon.

Building on the tenants of innovative, cognitive learning experiences, a vast network of partnered universities, as well as the idea that every student is capable of becoming a success, BSMI has grown become a pathway to higher education and individual career opportunities for students across the world by building on the tenants of innovative thinking blended with cognitive learning experiences helping students to progress to highly reputable universities in the UK.

Our main campus is found amongst the award winning beaches of beautiful Bournemouth, overlooking pristine coastlines and renowned botanical gardens, all merely a short walk from the main building. We’ve chosen to call Bournemouth home as it is and has been a welcoming haven for those journeying from abroad.

Life within this welcoming coastal village is rich in cultural opportunities in which our students can fully immerse themselves into life within the UK. It is here that we look to welcome students from across the world to the beginning of their path towards success.

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