IUBH is a private state accredited university in Germany offering all study programmes taught in English. With our innovative, international and English-based Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA programmes, our goal is to redefine the standards of what it takes to be a manager. Through the in depth subject specific knowledge taught by IUBH’s highly experienced professors, and the practical experience they are exposed to during their studies, our students gain a cutting edge advantage over public university students.

Enterprise is constantly expanding and is always looking for new team members in various countries, our professor and lecturers place great importance on the close integration of business management in both theory and practice. After all, most of them have many years of professional and management experience on an international level which allows students to gain knowledge in all facets of business. More importantly, IUBH has been awarded the title “Top Business School” in the Focus Money DEUTSCHLAND TEST of educational providers.

IUBH offers more than 40,000 students with 200 programmes and is in cooperation with 6,000 companies. The German Higher Education Development Center (CHE) university rankings show that IUBH has long been in the forefront of university rankings with excellent teaching quality. We are also the first German university to receive 5 FIBAA Premium Seals at the same time, the founding member of Hotel Schools of Distinction and AACSB member. IUBH has also been awarded 5 stars for QS University Rankin for Online Learning. With a network of over 6,000 reputable partner companies and organisations around the world, IUBH can make students’ career in a competitive global environment possible.


IUBH is in cooperation with 6,000 companies. Our Career Offices in Bad Honnef and Berlin support our students with their search for internships, with job placement issues, and keep in touch with companies that work in areas related to our degree programmes. We organise informational events and company presentations on campus, carry out applicant training and interview coaching, coordinate internships and job offers, examine application documents and offer students personal advice.Our Career Office not only looks after our current students, but also offers assistance to IUBH graduates with career-related questions and concerns. In addition, IUBH graduates have the opportunity to benefit from the ever-growing IUBH alumni community – comprised of over 7,000 professionals – and to participate in a wide range of alumni-focused events. For more information, visit IUBH Career Development Service

Foundation Pathway Program


Progression to First Year at IUBH University
IUBH, Germany
ATHE Level 3 in Business and Management is a one year course suited for high school leavers. Upon completion, successful students will be invited to join the first year at IUBH University. This program will ensure that you meet the academic and English requirements to progress to the first year of an undergraduate degree at IUBH University.


Progression to the 2nd year at IUBH University
IUBH, Germany
Prepare for direct entry into the second year at IUBH University in nine months. Following the success of Level 4 at BSMI, students will directly progress into the second year at IUBH University.


Progression to the final year at IUBH University
IUBH, Germany
BSMI is delivering the most sought-after university access course, which will enable students to move into the final year at IUBH University. At BSMI, we are proud to offer the most prominent and fast-track university access course, ATHE Level 5 Extended diploma in Business for international students.


The large corporate demand for globally-oriented executives and IUBH’s excellent reputation in academia and industry, give IUBH graduates huge leverage for a successful career.

– Over 80% of our graduates have experience in management after just two years.

– 90% are promoted in the first three years following graduation.

– 94% find a job within the first six months of graduation.

– Our graduates’ salaries increase on average by 10% per year after graduation (German average: 2.4%).


92% 的商科毕业生在毕业后的 15 个月内工作或学习,其中 76% 处于专业或管理职位,经常返回安置他们的公司。

  • 94%
  • 75%

BSMI is the starting point for students progressing to IUBH

Several reasons make IBUH a good starting point for students from BSMI.

  • At IUBH, programmes are taught completely in English, which enables students to perfect their English skills and prepare for an international career after graduate. IUBH has also maintained extensive partnerships with universities in North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe for many years.
  • IUBH pays close attention to providing students with an international perspective for both general management modules and subject-specific content which ensures students have an advantage in their career.
  • Last but not least, in Germany, skilled professionals are in very high demand, which creates enormous career opportunities. Graduates of German universities are allowed to stay in the country for 1.5 years to search for a job. Afterwards students are allowed to stay and work in Germany on the precondition that their job has adequate compensation and is in the broad professional area of the study programme they completed.


成熟的学习者可能会呈现出更多样的成就概况,其中可能包括相关工作经验(有偿和/或无偿)以及责任水平、参与和/或相关专业资格的成就。这可用于识别先前学习 (RPL)。




  • 5 个或更多 GCSE 成绩为 C 及以上
  • 其他相关二级科目
  • 其他同等国际资格


  • 雅思4.5
  • 欧洲共同参考标准 (CEFR) B1
  • 剑桥高级英语 (CAE) 162 或以上
  • 皮尔逊英语考试 (PTE) 学术 42-49



  • GCE 高级水平档案,在 2 个或更多科目中取得成就
    5 个或更多 GCSE 成绩为 C 及以上
  • 其他相关的 3 级科目,例如 ATHE 3 级文凭
  • 获得进一步批准的高等教育证书
  • 其他同等国际资格


  • 雅思5.5
  • 欧洲共同参考标准 (CEFR) B2
  • 剑桥高级英语 (CAE) 162 或以上
  • 皮尔逊英语考试 (PTE) 学术 42-49



  • 4级或以上的商业,管理或相关科目的先前研究
  • 4 级资格,例如 ATHE 4 级商业扩展文凭和
    管理或 ATHE 商业和行政管理 4 级文凭
  • 其他同等国际资格


  • 雅思5.5
  • 欧洲共同参考标准 (CEFR) B2
  • 剑桥高级英语 (CAE) 162 或以上
  • 皮尔逊英语考试 (PTE) 学术 42-49


Tier 4 签证

Tier 4(普通)学生签证适用于学习持续时间超过六个月的全日制本科或研究生授课课程的国际学生。申请 TIER 4 签证时,您必须确保可以向英国签证和移民局 (UKVI) 证明您满足所有学术和财务要求。 BSMI 将在您的签证申请过程中为您提供支持,但您需要了解在申请时需要向我们提供的所有相关信息。
UKVI 使用基于积分的签证申请系统,您需要 40 分才有资格获得 Tier 4 签证。积分奖励如下:

拥有有效的研究录取确认书 (CAS) 声明可得 30 分

一旦您收到我们的无条件录取通知书,并且我们收到了您的 25% 学费押金,并且您成功地与 BSMI 工作人员进行了可信度面谈,我们将发送您的学习录取确认书 (CAS)。
您的 CAS 将包含以下详细信息:

  • 您唯一的 CAS 参考编号
  • 您的姓名、出生日期和护照号码
  • 你的报价——课程的名称和长度以及大学的详细信息
  • 我们为什么接受你——你提供的证书、你的英语语言能力以及你是否曾在英国学习过
  • 课程学费以及您已经支付了多少
  • 我们的 Tier 4 赞助商执照号码

重要的是,您使用与提出申请时相同的文件来申请签证。这是为了确保您提供给我们的所有信息都是准确的,并且您的 CAS 是正确的。您需要使用与 BSMI 申请相同的信息和文件来申请签证。
如果出现以下情况,UKVI 可能不会授予积分:

  • CAS 上的信息与签证申请中的信息不符
  • 您在开始前三个月以上使用 CAS 申请签证
  • 您之前使用过相同的 CAS。每个 CAS 都有一个唯一的参考编号,并且只能使用一次;如果您正在申请新的 Tier 4 签证,您需要
    新的 CAS 声明

有足够的钱养活自己并支付课程费用,得 10 分


您必须证明您有足够的钱在适当的帐户中支付课程第一年(或整个课程,如果少于一年)的费用足够长的时间。您的 CAS 将显示您已支付给 BSMI 的所有款项。这可以从您需要在银行账户中显示的总金额中扣除。


由于 BSMI 位于伦敦以外,您需要每月出示 1,015 英镑来支付您的生活费用。您必须证明您有足够的钱来支付九个月的生活费用(或您的课程长度,如果少于九个月)。


想要申请 Tier 4 签证来英国学习的学生需要支付费用才能使用国民健康服务 (NHS)——这被称为“移民健康附加费”。

  • 支付附加费可让您获得广泛的医疗保健服务,包括
  • 作为学生签证申请人,您需要在英国每年支付 300 英镑的 Tier 4 签证
  • 您必须在提交或发送签证或移民之前付款
  • 您需要在线付款 (https://www.gov.uk/healthcare-
  • 如果不支付这笔费用,您将无法获得 Tier 4 签证。


UKVI 将接受以下任何一项(或组合)作为所需金额的证明:

  • 现金资金必须存入银行账户(包括提前通知储蓄和
    活期账户)连续 28 天(截止日期为
  • 受监管金融机构出具的确认贷款的信函
  • 官方财政或政府赞助

您可以使用您父母或法定监护人拥有的账户中的资金,前提是您出示证据证明您与他们有亲属关系,并且您已获得他们使用这笔资金的许可。可在以下链接中找到更多信息:PDF 附件 Tier 4(一般)申请人的财务指南

如果出现以下情况,UKVI 可能不会授予积分:

  • 这笔钱来自信用卡或透支
  • 这笔钱由英国内政部无法核实的金融机构持有。 UKVI 有这些金融机构的名单
  • 这笔钱在您的申请日期之前的 28 天内没有存入账户,时间不超过 31 天
  • 转换为英镑时显示的金额不足。 UKVI 将使用 OANDA 网站上提供的文件中显示的期末余额日期的汇率
  • 这笔钱存入的帐户不在您的名字中,也不在您的父母或法定监护人的名字中(您已获得其许可)。 (例如,商业账户中持有的资金。)


  • 如果申请人的学习时间超过 6 个月,并且在申请签证前已在移民规则附录 T 中列出的国家之一居住超过 6 个月,则他们需要获得结核病证明:https://www .gov.uk/tb-test-visa/countries-where-you-need-a-tb-test-to-enter-the-uk


一旦所有提交的文件都通过 BSMI 的评估和验证,我们将要求学生完成一份 PRE-CAS 问卷,该问卷将经过严格检查,并与 BSMI 举行的可信度面试中给出的答案进行比较。请注意:如果您未能通过 BSMI 的信誉面试,您将不会获得在英国学习课程的 CAS。请完成 PRE-CAS
以诚实和清晰的方式填写问卷,因为您的回答将与可信度访谈进行交叉核对,以确保您在 BSMI 学习的意图是真实的。


    • 除了 40 分之外,您还必须获得 CAS 和财务证据,您将需要参加 Tier 4 信誉面试,或者亲自到签证处
      通过 Skype 或两者的应用程序中心。面试将讨论您希望在英国学习的课程、您将在哪里学习、您决定学习所选课程的原因、您的个人和经济状况以及毕业后的未来计划。
    • 面试还将确定您的英语语言能力是否达到合适的标准。这些面试让你有机会证明你是一名真正的学生,致力于在英国学习,清楚地了解你将学习什么、为什么以及在哪里学习。
    • 面试时,你应该诚实、清楚地回答。将被问到的问题应该与你和你学习你所拥有的课程的决定有关
      选择。您的面试可能有 8 到 30 个问题,具体取决于面试官认为他们需要您提供的信息。
    • 在颁发 CAS 之前,所有学生都必须参加 BSMI 的信誉面试,面试将持续约 45 分钟。在此期间,BSMI 将向您询问与您选择的学习相关的所有问题,以及学习本课程将如何帮助您制定未来计划


Tier 4/学生签证路线学生签证 – https://www.gov.uk/student-visa
Tier 4(一般)申请人的财务指南
第 4 层支持和指导2.O