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This compensation policy outlines the circumstances under which the students studying towards higher education qualifications may be entitled to financial compensation due to  decisions made by the college with regards to location, course closure or major changes to the course content.


Student Eligibility:

  • Only students studying towards higher education qualifications that are regulated by the Office for Students are eligible for compensation under this policy. This policy will also include refunds.
  • For students in receipt of a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company.
  • For students who pay their own tuition fees.
  • For students whose tuition fees are paid by a sponsor.


Conditions and Circumstances:

Financial  compensation is only offered to those in the event of;

  • A decision to close a course or programme of study which may take place before the students course completion date, where teaching out is not possible.
  • Where “teaching out” is possible, there may be a compulsory change to a different location for which students travel costs will be compensated.
  • if the college were closed for a week due to unforeseen events and the students missed their standard morning lesson input time of 15 hours in one week for a unit such as ‘Marketing’, the College would for example offer an extra 3 hours a week for 5 weeks in the afternoons to add up to the missed 15 hours.
  • In the case of inability to deliver the course through the fault of parties external to the college, the college would seek compensation from these parties in order to support funds for the necessary contingency plan that would suitably compensate the students by paying for additional teaching or college transfer or reimbursement of funds for the whole course or the remainder of the course given that sufficient achievement had already taken place on the course to only warrant the funding of a course top up in an alternative college. For example, if a student had achieved 90 credits of a 120 credit course and BSMI were unable to deliver the rest of the course, it would fund the price of the completion of the course at an alternative provider i.e. the remaining 30 credits.


Compensation Schemes: 

  • BSMI is dedicated to enhancing students’ experience, therefore, for distruption to studies due to any of the unforeseen events listed above students will be compensated financially to assure continuation of their studies.
  • If any additional costs occur due to the relocation of the delivery of their course, students travel expenses will be compensated.
  • Any students wishing to make a claim due to an increase in travel costs will need to submit it in writing, detailing the nature of the increased expense with the amount incurred. Those payments will be made at the end of the semester taking students attendance into consideration.
  • If students are using their own transportation, any additional mileage incurred at a rate of 20p per mile for each day they are time-tabled for will be compensated.
  • Since BSMI does not offer parking for students, any parking required for the new location of their studies will not be compensated.
  • Students using public transport to attend their lessons at the college will be compensated for the difference in costs from their registered address to the new location. Students claiming compensation for the public travel costs should also write to BSMI with their enquiries with tickets to and from each delivery location to validate the amount claimed.
  • In the unlikely event of the college closing a Higher Education programme on which they are enrolled, the college will provide compensation for those students neither involved in teaching out nor relocating to a an alternative accredited course dependent on time, location , displacement or any other expenses that are incurred during that time.


Complaints and Appeals 

  • Students who wish to complain about any decision relating to the information available within this compensation policy should follow the college’s complaints procedures which can be found on the website on the following link:
  • If a student decides to appeal against a decision made by the college at Stage 2 of the complaint procedures, students should complete and submit the appeals form available on the following link: with their new evidence.