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Chiara Campari

Chiara Campari

Career Programme
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“I chose BSMI because they gave me the opportunity of improving my business and digital marketing skills through the Career Programme, during which I studied Business, Marketing and I also had the opportunity of doing an Internship in Digital Marketing.”

What did you like most about your course and why?

I really liked the course, because it was quite intensive and practical, I improved my English skills and at the same time, I had the opportunity of doing an Internship. As an intern, I had the opportunity of carrying out several marketing related activities.

How did the course help you achieve your career or educational objectives?

The course helped me to improve my English and to learn how to manage marketing activities like social media, mail marketing campaigns, and marketing research, which will help me a lot with my career objectives.

Would you recommend BSMI to prospect students and why?

I would recommend BSMI to students who are looking to improve their English skills and at the same time who would like to have a culture and business experience.

How would you describe the level of academic or career support you received from BSMI?

The academic and career support that I received at BSMI has been excellent, I expanded my professional skills and gained knowledge and experience in the field.