Meet the team

Sonia T. Pili

Sonia T. Pili

Sales and Marketing Manager - Asia Rep.
  • Skills: B2B marketing, B2C marketing, business plan developer
  • Qualifications: MBA Christian University, BSBA in Marketing and Management
  • Speciality: B2C, Marketing research

Meet the other team members

“My mission as an international representative is to provide a comprehensive and thorough explanation to students, about BSMI course program advantage, uniqueness, benefits, and its application into practical knowledge, that will make them ahead in today's business industry innovation. The application of what they learn in future business.”

Tell our students a bit about yourself and your commitment to transforming students lives?

The majority of my students always count on me as their second mom and confidante, looking forward to a positive direction, putting my best effort and being result oriented, ensuring that students needs are smoothly done and deliver an effectively tailored company mission and vision. BSMI offer is beneficial to the student to be a successful entrepreneur.

What influenced your decision to become a member of BSMI?

BSMI is a partner institution in Bahrain, NVQ program is focused and tailor-made in today's business study, most of the students we send are happy and got a guaranteed offer in a big university. Back to the Philippines, Duygu offered me to handle the Asian Market. With open arms I said yes, I am happy with the supported team of professionals/family.

What do we do best at BSMI?

BSM is a very student-oriented institution, a team member mentor-student with a good study habit and discipline, on a one to one approach, assignments, case studies, and make sure that the student understands every subject. BSMI takes care of the students from the arrival to departure, accommodation, internships down to recreation.