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Awadh Almutairi

Awadh Almutairi

International Year 1 in Business Adminis.
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“My agent recommended BSMI as a good college for Foundation courses. I choose BSMI based on the quality of the course and support that I'm receiving during my studies. I'm now studying International Year 1 in Business Administration. My course duration is of 6 months and BSMI already registered me with the University I choose. I decided to continue my studies at De Montfort University. I will start my second year in September.”

What did you like most about your course and why?

Teamwork and through it, we exchange experiences.

How did the course help you achieve your career or educational objectives?

The course helped me to achieve my personal and education goals. I completed my course now and I'm going to the second year at De Montfort University starting from September 2020.

Would you recommend BSMI to prospect students and why?

Of course it will help the student and it is good to study foundation at BSMI.

How would you describe the level of academic or career support you received from BSMI?

They welcomed me and they made me feel at home.