Meet the team

Michael Martin

Michael Martin

  • Skills: Media analyst, Technical support, Engineer, teacher, further and EFL education
  • Qualifications: Motivating teacher and inspirational team member, realising and bolstering student objectives
  • Speciality: Overcoming issues and guiding students through their endeavours

Meet the other team members

“May aim is to improve on the way students learn by helping them to maximise their potential.”

Tell our students a bit about yourself and your commitment to transforming students lives?

Teaching is of great importance to me as a learner as well as an aid to students realising their goals, The outcome of which is a confident, dynamic and enthusiastic students.

What influenced your decision to become a member of BSMI?

I have been teaching for four years and have worked with people for most of my working life, from a junior architect, technical support to engineering and television improving lives. It was close friends that said "have you considered teaching"? I can honestly say that teaching is rewarding in many ways. When students acknowledge and confirm that they have understood, it is the greatest gift.

What do we do best at BSMI?

I was influenced to become a member of BSMI by a fellow teacher and have not looked back since. My first impression was a passionate, forward thinking college.