Meet the team

Annabel Esposito

Annabel Esposito

Sales & Marketing Accomod. Manager
  • Skills: B2B Marketing , B2C Marketing , Social Media/Digital Marketing
  • Qualifications: First Degree In Economics, Master Degree in Marketing and International Management
  • Speciality: Social Media Marketing, B2B Marketing

Meet the other team members

“My vision is to assess and evaluate students' career and educational needs so that I can help them with achieving their life goals. As a past student and now a full-time employee of BSMI, I can confirm that we do provide students with the best career and educational foundation to start off their careers in their chosen industry. ”

Tell our students a bit about yourself and your commitment to transforming students lives?

I love my job and to be involved in the direct and indirect marketing strategies of BSMI. One of the reasons I’m at BSMI is because I really believe in the products that I’m selling to students, and I love see their progressions and students realising their dreams through their studies at BSMI. Many students come here as young boys or girls and leave as adults.

What influenced your decision to become a member of BSMI?

I came at BSMI as a student, I studied Digital Marketing Diploma course to improve my English and my Digital Marketing skills. After my course I was looking for a job, and when I get this offer, I was very happy because I had the opportunity to sell to students my experience after knowing the result on myself. Over the years BSMI has growth a lot and I hope will continue in the following years. One of BSMI strength is the team, we are all part of a family and we grow together.

What do we do best at BSMI?

BSMI are very focused on student welfare, making sure that all students are happy and satisfied after their studies with us. One of our strength as a small college at the moment is that each student had been treated as an individual, and not a number, as can happen in big colleges or Universities. At BSMI all students are followed from their arrival to their departure and they can feel that they are part of a family during their studies with us. BSMI show a great deal of care to all students, and I think this is one of their great assets.