Meet the team

William Armillei

William Armillei

IT web developer
  • Skills: Php, Javascript, Html5, CSS3, Laravel, Symfony
  • Qualifications: First Degree in Computer Scienses applied to Umanistic Scienses, Diploma in accounting
  • Speciality: Web developing, piano playing

Meet the other team members

“My main objective is to help students from all over the world who are determined to pursue a career or schooling to reach our website and find easily the information they need to help them decide to enrol for courses on this subject.”

Tell our students a bit about yourself and your commitment to transforming students lives?

I have been working as a web developer in several companies for a few years, the market out there is hard but with a hard work ethic and a good education, many doors will open. I believe British School of Marketing offer this opportunity to learn how to succeed.

What influenced your decision to become a member of BSMI?

For many years I have worked in a large variety of industries (finance, insurance, travelling etc.), it was good for me to finally work in an environment where I could help people, in this case students, to reach noble goals in their life, like obtaining a professional qualification.

What do we do best at BSMI?

At British School of Marketing we absolutely take care of people. In our team we support each other. Every event or deadline is something each of us feels he is involved with and wants to succeed. When one succeeds, everyone succeeds.