Meet the team

Joe Gillespie

Joe Gillespie

Academic Director / Assistant Director o.
  • Skills: Highly qualified director, manager and lecturer, teacher, assessor, course designer in higher, further and EFL education
  • Qualifications: BA Hons Degree in French and Sociology, Post Graduate Diploma in Managing Export Performance, Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, Certificate in Further/Higher Education, SEDA Certificate in Higher Education, D32/D33 Assessor’s Certificates, Further Adult Education Teaching Certifica
  • Speciality: I enjoy new challenges and solving problems

Meet the other team members

“My goal in life is to remove all barriers to learning and help people achieve their full potential. As a teacher and Pathway director, I am privileged to be in a position to help people transform their lives through education, to discover their learning styles and personal aims and objectives and write and develop programmes that will guide them along every step of their personal, academic and professional path in life.”

Tell our students a bit about yourself and your commitment to transforming students lives?

I have been teaching Business for over twenty years and have discovered that with the right knowledge and skills, people can achieve their maximum potential in the business world.

What influenced your decision to become a member of BSMI?

British School of Marketing International is a UKVI, highly trusted sponsor specialising in higher education business courses. What impresses me most about BSMI is the welcoming and professional attitude of all the staff, how quickly the College identifies the learning style and needs of each, individual student and matches these to the exact programme they need to become successful in their future lives.

What do we do best at BSMI?

BSMI works alongside people in a friendly way to find out where they are heading in life and what they need to succeed in this. We develop bespoke programmes that match the individual student’s personal academic and professional needs. At each step of the way, we guide students with advice, lectures and tutorials as well as appropriate learning materials, in class and out of class activities, projects and assessments that will enable them to be wholly professional in everything they do.