Parental consent

Your child will be attending British School of Marketing International shortly. We hope they have a fantastic learning experience with us.

Address in the UK (if known)

Host family accommodation


By signing this form, I, being the parent/guardian of the above named child:

  • Give my consent to the child staying at a host family.
  • Understand that the child is not allowed to use ovens and/or any electrical or gas equipment within the kitchen or other areas at the host family residence.
  • Understand if the child causes any disturbance they may be asked to leave the host family for any reason, no refund will be given to the parents, including the deposit.
  • Understand that the student will follow any health and safety guidelines indicated by the host family.
  • Confirm that students will return to the host family residence no later than 10.00pm on any given day.
  • Confirm that students will be punctual with meal times. If the student is going to be late or miss a meal, then the host family should be informed in advance of this.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 are not allowed to stay overnight away from the host family unless the Welfare Officer, Duygu Cevik, is informed and the parents are aware of this situation by confirming this by email.
  • Students will travel unsupervised between the school and homestay. On the first day they will be shown where to catch public transport.
  • Students will be unsupervised during break times, before and after school.
  • 16 and 17-year old students must return to their homestay no later than 10.00pm and they should take a taxi if travelling during the late evening. Public transport is acceptable at this time if they are travelling in a group. 
  • The school does not provide 24-hour supervision.

BSMI outside activities


By signing this form, I, being the parent/guardian of the above named child:

  • Give my consent to my child participation in activities organized by British School of Marketing International (BSMI) and I understand and agree that participating is at my child’s own risk.
  • Confirm that my child is sufficiently fit and able to take part in BSMI activities.
  • Have listed above all of my child’s medical conditions and/or allergies which are relevant to participating in BSMI activities and will ensure my child has any medical treatments close to hand.
  • Agree that first aid may be administered to my child if deemed necessary by a suitably qualified person.
  • Understand that if my child fails to follow the directions of the BSMI staff or the activity instructors, or does anything which may cause annoyance or injury to another person, BSMI reserves the right to stop my child’s participation in the activity and I understand that no refunds will be given in such circumstances.

If you need to contact the school for any reason during the time your child is at BSMI the 24-hour contact number is +44 7809 373696. The contact name is Duygu Cevik.

BSMI may occasionally film or take photographs of participants for publicity purposes, which may include reproducing images on the school’s website. If you do not agree to us using photographs or footage that includes your child, please indicate.

Do you agree for your child to have emergency first aid treatment if necessary?

Signature of the parent/Guardian

By signing my name below, I certify that I have read the above information. My signature also certifies my understanding of the agreement with the above policies.

Draw your signature below: