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Internships are where higher education meets employment. Nowadays many savvy employers see internships as a year-round recruiting tool, whilst students see an internship is an opportunity to gain 'real' experience working in their chosen career. BSMI proposes various internship options to students including, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Administration and Hospitality. 

An internship will give students invaluable, real-time experience in their chosen career. They will be able to sharpen their skills learned in the classroom and turn theory into practice. The knowledge gained will greatly increase their employment chances with future employers. On completion of the internship, students will receive a reference letter from BSMI to aid their career search. The graduate job market is incredibly competitive nowadays, so having a full CV that includes actual industry experience is sure to be a valuable asset. It has the potential to make you stand out from the crowd.


Students who choose an internship in Digital Marketing or Marketing will be directed to companies that mainly deal in this area. In some cases, BSMI will handle the internships in their offices, as they are a specialized business and marketing school. The Marketing Internship will have a dedicated tutor who will accompany students to help them fully understand the subject and the specific implementation tools for the industry.

Who Should Attend

Students who choose an internship in customer service will be directed to companies such as hotels, pubs, cafes, shops and stores. Students choosing an internship in business administration will be placed in the business area of Bournemouth, which may include schools, offices or other local companies. Students selecting to work in hospitality will be directed to areas such as hotels, pubs and restaurants so that they achieve a good understanding of this sector. Students will be exposed to customer management, client reception and managing duties they are responsible for on a daily basis.


Course Details
Start Date
Every Monday
Minimum 2 weeks
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Internships offered through the British School of Marketing will have a variable schedule depending on the internship chosen for the student.


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Programme Objectives

To increase self and interpersonal awareness

Become an effective agent of organisational chang

Learn new coaching and consulting methodologies

Understand organisational behaviour and psychological perspectives

What Our Students Are Saying

Beautiful experience: I improved my English and I feel I have learned so many interesting things about marketing

Emanuela Pizzulli General English

Personally, I think that is good to learn basical skills. When I arrived here I din't know anything about business and marketing.It was a great experience

Francesco De Palo General English

It's a very good school, where you can improve your English and your skills. Accomodation Is excellent.

Antonio Troiano General English

Given the short time I studied at BSMI, I can say I have learnt a lot during my time at this school. The teachers are very professional at the same of being kind, friendly and very helpful.

Vinci Adele general english

BSMI is a brilliant school, with professional teachers who help you with any difficulty you have in English. It helped me a lot with my English.

Maria Angela Lombardo General english

I did my internship at BSMI and the amount I have learnt about administration and marketing has been eye-opening. This experience will help me a lot with my future work and I really appreciate that Annabel, Paul, Jose, Duygu and all the other teachers were always ready to help me or to explain anything I didn't know. Thank you, everyone!

Nicolo' Zanini Business & Marketing English and admin internship

BSMI is a good school, because it's professionalism and the teachers are very patient with the students. The lessons are fun encouraging students to speak a lot in the classroom.

Assunta Pelle General English

My experience at BSMI has been really good: teachers are very professional. The projects that we made have been very interesting and teamworks have been useful to make friends and it was a very good experience to create a new product by ourselves. I would recommend BSMI to everyone.

Giorgio Fabrizio General English

BSMI is a great School. When I arrived I found a high and warm welcome. The teacher helped me with my personal problems on the language aspect, they are professional and funny at the same time. I recommend this school to all students who go to Bournemouth.

Leonardo Di Marco English level B2

I think it is a good school for a lot of reasons. In fact i like it for the group work and for the informations i had acquired in the business subject. In the future it could improve in some regards even if now it has a good level

Michele Notarangelo General English

The teachers are fantastic as their approach to teaching is very motivating inside and outside the classroom. I would highly recommend this school to fellow students.

Furfaro Francesco General English

I think this school is full of people who are very helpful and willing. You can always improve and I imagine that for students who will come it will be a unique experience.

Alessandro Flamingo General English

I think this school is very serious and the staff responded to all our needs, I also think it is a very professional school and you can learn the language very well here.

Alessia Oliverio General English

The teachers are really well prepared and all the entire staff is very kind. I learned a lot of things about marketing and business in this days.

Giacomantonio De Feo General English

I think this school is really nice. The teachers are funny and patient. I recommend this school to everyone who wants to improve their English and study marketing.

Daniele Francesco Dattoli English language

I had a lovely time at BSMI. My English level was a Beginner when I first started and now I am leaving the school with B2 level of English achieved just in 6 months. I am very pleased with my results, I would strongly recommend this school to everyone in need of improving their English language skills.

Melis Senol General English

I liked Michael's lessons as I learned many new things and it was also something of a cultural exchange because I learned a lot from the English culture. Also, I've been put in situations that I think will be very helpful in my future. WRAP

Francesco Cristiano General English

The experience with BSMI helped me so much, not just for my general level of english, but even with getting in touch with the business world. My class was amazing and the teacher are very professional and friendly.

Cristina Roberti Oil and Gas English

First of all, thank you all for making me feel at home, I don’t want to come back home anymore. The teachers are all great: they’re gentle, well-prepared and very clever and put you at your ease. I discover a new passion, and maybe a new job, why not? Now I’m a different person with new friends and better English (I hope)

Lucia Pia Vaira General English

The experience at BSMI was fantastic. All the BSMI staff is very welcoming and helpful. The teachers are very organized and kind. I suggest BSMI to everyone.

Sofia Zappia Business and Marketing English

This is an awesome school full of friendly and prepared teachers. I spent wonderful moments with people from foreign countries and I improved my English a lot. I recommend this school to anyone that wants to improve their English. It was a unique experience and I think it will be for everyone.

Lorenzo Triumbari General English

I couldn't have been more satisfied with my choice. Here I have truly understood what the business world is about. My accommodation suits me perfectly. I received a good welcome, good food and have always been treated as if I was at home. I would also recommend Bournemouth to all the international students as you will not feel alone.

Arrigo Cattapan Business and Marketing English
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