International Year 2 in Leadership and Management

Progression to the final year at De Montfort University

In-depth knowledge and key understandings

International Year 2 in Leadership and Management
Progression to the final year at De Montfort University

This course provides an access to the final year of an undergraduate programme at De Montfort University. Students will study Level 5 for the duration of 6 months prior to progressing into the final year at a number of UK and European universities. As part of our commitment to our students, BSMI will provide students with further academic assistance in helping them with their skills to complete a bachelor degree in a total of 18 months.

What is special about this course?

The course is designed to provide you for the final entry into an undergradute degree at De Montfort University. This is a great opportunity for students who would like to complete their undergraduate studies in 18 months.

Studying at BSMI, you will also benefit from;

  • Direct entry into the final of an undergraduate degree at the end of 6 months at BSMI.
  • 3 academic intakes per year, which are January/February- May/June-September/October.
  • Individualized personal and academic care.
  • Frequent tutorials.
  • Guaranteed entry into De Montfort University upon successful completion of Level 5 at BSMI.

Entry Requirements

The Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management is designed for applicants holding a relevant Level 4 Diploma. Alternative routes to the course include two to three English A-level equivalents in a related discipline. We are also open to students who have relevant work experience, however, each application will be considered on a case by case basis. Students on this course will need to demonstrate a level of English equivalent to IELTS 5.5 to enter. Language support will be provided throughout the course.


The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of key leadership and management practices and principles to enhance effective performance at a practical level. Students will gain a critical understanding of the nature of work organizations, their structure, leadership and management from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Students will study 4 compulsory modules, followed by six specialist units.

Four Mandatory Units:

  • Contribute to the development of a strategic plan
  • Design business processes
  • Manage strategic change
  • Provide leadership and management

Specialized Units:

  • Manage strategic marketing activities
  • Develop sales proposals
  • Manage product or service development
  • Develop and implement an operational plan
  • Manage business risk
  • Lead the development of a continuous involvement strategy


The assessment for the Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Leadership and Management is based on coursework, presentations, and assignments. The course will also include an academic language tuition, weekly assessments, testing of course content, regular tutorials to assess your progress and opportunities to discuss students’ progression.

Course Details
Start Date
24 weeks
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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Progression Routes

British School of Marketing International De Montfort University
Programme TitlePoint of ExitProgramme TitlePoint of Entry

NVQ Level 5 in Leadership and Management

Succesful completion of programme with a minimum grade of 60%.

  • BA(Hons) Business Administration and Management
  • BA(Hons) Business and Management
  • BA(Hons) Business Management and Human Resources Management
  • BA(Hons) Human Resource Management

Level 6(Year 3)

Programme Objectives

To increase self and interpersonal awareness

Become an effective agent of organisational change

Learn new coaching and consulting methodologies

Understand organisational behaviour and psychological perspectives

What Our Students Are Saying

I'm been so happy studying at BSMI for this whole year. First of all, I had a WONDERFUL teacher Paul. I made a lot of good friends, they came from different part of the world, but we had the chance to meet at BSMI. Regard my course, it has been hard but helpful at the same time, and I'm excited to start my final year at the Uni.

Zongsheng Jiang International Year 2 in Leadership and Management

I’ve been at this school for 6 months and enjoyed every day that I spent here. I would like to thank my teacher and a good friend Paul, the best selling manager Annabel and the funniest IT guy Jose. It’s been one of the most important periods of my life and I’ve gained an incredible experience here. Also thanks to all the students that I met here, especially Italians.

Borys NVQ Level 3 & General English

I really enjoyed my time at BSMI. It was a new experience for me in a really friendly environment and staff. Regard my course, I gained Business and Marketing knowledge in addition to how to apply on the workplace. The support I got from my tutor and teacher Mr Paul really benefited me, helping to progress with my course. Overall I recommend BSMI.

Sayed Ali Pathway programme in Business
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