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What Our Students Our Saying About Us

BSMI is a good school, because it's professionalism and the teachers are very patient with the students. The lessons are fun encouraging students to speak a lot in the classroom.

Assunta Pelle General English

I think it is a great school, in particular thanks to the teachers because they know how to help the students and they can be professional and friendly at the same time.

Lorenza Emanuele General English

I think this school is really nice. The teachers are funny and patient. I recommend this school to everyone who wants to improve their English and study marketing.

Daniele Francesco Dattoli English language

The teachers are fantastic as their approach to teaching is very motivating inside and outside the classroom. I would highly recommend this school to fellow students.

Furfaro Francesco General English

I think this school is full of people who are very helpful and willing. You can always improve and I imagine that for students who will come it will be a unique experience.

Alessandro Flamingo General English

I’ve been at this school for 6 months and enjoyed every day that I spent here. I would like to thank my teacher and a good friend Paul, the best selling manager Annabel and the funniest IT guy Jose. It’s been one of the most important periods of my life and I’ve gained an incredible experience here. Also thanks to all the students that I met here, especially Italians.

Borys NVQ Level 3 & General English

Given the short time I studied at BSMI, I can say I have learnt a lot during my time at this school. The teachers are very professional at the same of being kind, friendly and very helpful.

Vinci Adele general english

BSMI is a brilliant school, with professional teachers who help you with any difficulty you have in English. It helped me a lot with my English.

Maria Angela Lombardo General english

I did my internship at BSMI and the amount I have learnt about administration and marketing has been eye-opening. This experience will help me a lot with my future work and I really appreciate that Annabel, Paul, Jose, Duygu and all the other teachers were always ready to help me or to explain anything I didn't know. Thank you, everyone!

Nicolo' Zanini Business & Marketing English and admin internship

I think this is a great school where you can learn both the basics of English and the most advanced things. Really excellent, professional and very nice teachers! A magnificent experience. Thank you!

Giuseppe Curciarello General English

I had a lovely time at BSMI. My English level was a Beginner when I first started and now I am leaving the school with B2 level of English achieved just in 6 months. I am very pleased with my results, I would strongly recommend this school to everyone in need of improving their English language skills.

Melis Senol General English

I think this school is very serious and the staff responded to all our needs, I also think it is a very professional school and you can learn the language very well here.

Alessia Oliverio General English

This is an awesome school full of friendly and prepared teachers. I spent wonderful moments with people from foreign countries and I improved my English a lot. I recommend this school to anyone that wants to improve their English. It was a unique expirience and I think it will be for everyone.

Lorenzo Triumbari General English

I couldn't have been more satisfied with my choice. Here I have truly understood what the business world is about. My accommodation suits me perfectly. I received a good welcome, good food and have always been treated as if I was at home. I would also recommend Bournemouth to all the international students as you will not feel alone.

Arrigo Cattapan Business and Marketing English

I think that this school is very good, because the teachers are really professional and prepared.

Roberta Figliomeni General English

BSMI is a great School. When I arrived I found a high and warm welcome. The teacher helped me with my personal problems on the language aspect, they are professional and funny at the same time. I recommend this school to all students who go to Bournemouth.

Leonardo Di Marco English level B2

I think this school is very serious and the staff responded to all our problems, I also think it is a very professional school and you can learn the language very well.

Giulia Parrini General English
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