BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in the UK, Admissions 2022-23

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Overview of the BBA Course

An undergraduate degree in Business Administration is a degree where your knowledge of the business world will expand into great detail. They will either last for 3 or 4 years depending on the university. Some universities provide placements where you can get first-hand experience working at a renown company.

Study in the UK 2022-23

What students learn in the BBA Programme in the UK

Why Study BBA in the UK

Business is the most popular choice of degree according to This isn’t surprising since there are a wide range of career paths a graduate can take. A degree in Business Administration can lead to a high-paying job.

Top-Ranking Universities offering BBA in the UK

The best universities in the UK to do an undergraduate degree in Business Administration are the University of Oxford, University College London, London School of Economics, Bath University, University of St. Andrews, University of Warwick and City, University of London. Please go to the website to the above universities to see information on the course.

What are pathway courses in UK?

Top BBA courses in the UK offered by other Universities

Other universities that offer top courses in Business Administration are Imperial College London, King’s College London, Durham University, University of Leeds, University of Manchester and the University of Strathclyde. Please go to the website to the above universities to see information on the course.

Admission Process for BBA courses in the UK

Each university in the UK has different requirements for not just Business Administration courses but for every course. Please see your chosen university’s website to see what academic qualifications the university requires.

When applying, you should have a personal statement (we provide personal statement templates if you need them), proof of relevant transcripts, a copy of your passport, references and proof of English language capability. Regarding English language requirements, the most common English language test universities accept is the IELTS. The wise thing to do is to check what IELTS score your university requires on the course page since each university has different requirements. Other common English language tests are TOEFL and a PTE Academic certificate. BSMI can help you achieve your English language goals as we offer courses in IELTS and Business and Marketing English.

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Cost of Studying BBA courses in the UK

Regardless of what type of course you want to study at university, you will have to pay tuition fees. The UK government has not set one fixed amount that international students have to pay so they have allowed universities to set their own tuition fee. Please see your chosen university’s website to see how much the tuition fees for international students are

Scholarship options for BBA courses in the UK

There are a number of ways to see if you are eligible for a scholarship. Firstly, you should check on your chosen university’s website to see what scholarships they offer as each university in the UK has different scholarships. Secondly, the UK Council for International Student Affairs is an organisation that supports international students during their studies in the UK. For information concerning financial support, please go to–Advice/Fees-and-Money/Government-Student-Support#layer-6185

Career and Job opportunities after completing a BBA course in the UK

Each course will focus on skills that business employers will look for in recruiting graduates. With a degree in Business and Administration, you will be well-equipped to start a career in a variety of sectors such as banking, finance, human resources, sales, shipping, construction, medicine or IT.

Study in the UK 2022-23

Academic courses that students can do after completing a BBA course in the UK

Before entering the job market, you may want to choose to do a Master’s course in Business Administration or in a related field such as marketing, international business management, finance or economics. To see what British universities are offering postgraduate courses in Business Administration for the 2022-23 intake, please refer to the following link – Upon completing a postgraduate course, you will be able to apply for managerial positions.


What English language proficiency test score is required for applying to do a BBA in the UK?

Universities require different English language requirements for BBA courses so it’s best to check the university’s website to see what exactly they need.

What are the academic requirements for admission to BBA courses in the UK?

You will need to have completed your secondary school education in your home country. Additionally, you will need to have an English language qualification.

Are there any scholarships in the UK to do a BBA?

You will need to check on the university’s website and check what type of scholarship you are eligible for as different universities provide different scholarships.

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